Laboratory Waste Disposal

What is Laboratory Waste?

Laboratory waste includes all waste from laboratories , both specialist and general in nature, including gloves, wipes, lab plastics, etc.

General laboratory waste which is, or may be contaminated must be treated to render it safe (using an appropriate method) prior to disposal

Specialist laboratory waste must be treated according to UK waste legislation depending on the type of waste. 

Organisations must ensure that anyone dealing with their laboratory waste complies with the duty of care for waste.

Laboratories can produce a variety of different wastes, including:

  • gas and dust
  • liquid solutions that contain chemicals
  • solid wastes
  • wastes that contain radioactive substances

Additionally, laboratories, particularly in the biological sciences, are often involved in activities which result in the use and production of materials which are classed as Animal By-Products.

A Fully Compliant Waste Disposal Service

Laboratory Waste Disposal by UK Facilities Management and Consultancy provides you with the assurance that your clinical waste is handled, transported and treated in accordance with the Department of Health guide: HTM 07:01 Safe Management of Healthcare Waste, for peace of mind.

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